Artist Bio



I am an Award Winning professional fine artist born in New Mexico;  a Santa Fe local.



 My body of work is infused  with the figure, fashion, streets, outdoorsy nature, and my Causes.   My work is contrasty, loud, organic, poetic, emotive, and fresh.


My photography is an intimate marriage of the fields which shaped my path; psych, art, and a sweet blend of science and math with an edgy style to flesh out the back story of my subjects.


My photography is cross pollinated with my art which feels natural to me.  I have lived my dream as an artist in my city and worldwide.  Photography holds me captive these days though I cannot  _not_  paint.   I cannot recall a season in my life since my earliest memories when I did not have a camera as my Daddy was an avid photographer and I grew up with a dark room, unlimited rolls of film, unbridled passion for creating, and a generational love for the arts. 
The past six years I have found my rhythm with the push/pull of photography; science, math, composition, and lighting.  
I am committed to getting it right in the camera; keeping all things shared in a shoot (body issues, relationship issues, etc.) confidential , and FUN.  


I can say my wild hearted style is solely influenced by Martin Munkasci; the man and his work.  I was chosen by his daughter to curate his work with her.. madness as we were archrivals  in an unrelated genre.  Joan was bright and selflessly wished to pass on the legacy of her Father, one of my greatest gifts.  We walked that out side by side as we each grew more and more attached to Munkasci’s body of work.  I could write volumes on this subject but Munkasci was a river of photography lessons.  My connection with his work cannot be satiated, a forever student.  I feel we share a love for beauty, fashion, poetry, and  spontaneity with a strong eye for composition.  Visionaries, risk takers, celebrating the happy surprises.  Martin Munkasci understood the power of the image.  
My career path was in the field of mental health (nursing) though we retired early in our 40’s from ‘careers’ to pursue our artsy dream.
 I shot film until 1996 when I purchased my first digital camera.  While I miss the allure of film, the digital darkroom is where I introduce my drawing/painting art genre; the nuances.   I revisit film and am a prolific shooter with rolls and rolls of undeveloped film stashed for a loved one when I part the veil.. ever a dreamer.